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Industrial Cape Breton’s Supporter of DIY Landscaping

Sydney Landscaping & Nurseries Ltd. ensures you are not totally on your own when you tackle those DIY landscaping projects. We back you up with the best materials at the best prices in the Sydney area. For a new lawn or refreshed planting beds, we sell all landscaping products in small and large quantities, including:

  • Screened garden soil

  • Screened topsoil

  • Shredded bark mulch (natural brown, black, and red)

  • Kentucky bluegrass nursery sod


Pickup or Delivery in Industrial Cape Breton

Transport for pallets of sod or loads of topsoil are not a problem. You can pick up any purchase at our shop or request delivery to your site in Industrial Cape Breton or surrounding area.


Are you hauling sod with your own truck? We can load it for you, or we can deliver with our tag along forklift. Need a large topsoil delivery? We can accommodate you with our tandem or 3-tonne dump truck.


A DIY Sod Calculator

You can estimate the amount of Kentucky Blue nursery sod you need. Here are some easy instructions to calculate the right amount and measure accurately.


Contact us for specific information about our sod pallets and delivery.



If you have oddly shaped areas to sod, sketch the areas on a piece of paper in conquerable shapes like rectangles, circles or triangles. If you have a simple, fairly square yard, your calculating will be easier.



Go out and measure each section of the planned sod area in feet:

  • By length and width for rectangles and squares

  • By the radius of a circular area

  • By the base and the distance between the baseline and the opposite point for a triangle



Calculate the area of each section and/or shape:

  • Rectangles & squares: Multiply the length and the width

  • Circles: Square the radius by multiplying the number by itself, and then multiply the result by 3.14

  • Triangles: Multiply the length of the base by the height (that is the shortest distance between the base and the point on the opposite side of the triangle) and multiply this number by ½


Follow the link to find a simple area calculator to give you some help.


Add It All Up

Add all the areas together to find your total square footage.

Give us a call at 902-564-9910. We will take your total square footage and give you a price on how much sod you need. If you then want to place an order, we can arrange a pick-up for you or deliver (delivery charges apply).

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