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See More of Our Projects in the Cape Breton Area

As you travel around the Industrial Cape Breton area, see more of our commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal landscaping designs. Many Cape Breton residents and visitors may already enjoy our completed projects quite often. Our local landscaping sites include:

  • Albert Bridge Soccer Field renovations

  • Association for Safer Cape Breton Communities – skateboard park & hockey/basketball court in North Sydney

  • Bobby Joe Ryan Memorial Park

  • Cape Breton Regional Hospital

  • Cape Breton Regional Hospital Cape Breton Cancer Treatment Centre

  • Cape Breton Regional Hospital healing garden project

  • CBU Day Care Centre outdoor facilities

  • CBU Culture and Heritage Centre

  • CBU Technology Enterprise Centre

  • DEVCO – Cape Breton Development Corporation

  • Glace Bay Health Care Facility

  • Harbourside Commercial Park – multiple phases

  • Inverness Education Centre/Academy

  • JA Douglas McCurdy Airport renovations

  • John J. Nugent Firemen's Centre

  • Membertou Entertainment Centre

  • Membertou Trade and Convention Centre

  • Mira River Provincial Park renovations

  • Moxham Court apartment complex

  • North Sydney hockey & basketball courts

  • Nova Scotia Highway 125 twinning project at Pottle Lake

  • Open Hearth Park – post-remediation of the Sydney tar ponds

  • Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre

  • Port Hawkesbury Justice Centre

  • Alexandra Street & George Street roundabouts

  • Sherwood Park Junior High

  • St. Joseph's Pastoral Centre

  • Sydney Mines Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Project

  • Sydney Mines Renewal Association green area enhancement program

  • UCCB soccer field

  • Veterans’ Memorial Community Park – Donkin

  • Victoria Park Armoury – Sydney

  • Numerous mine reclamation projects

  • Numerous road construction projects

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